Personal Income Tax Return Preparation & Filing


April 15th is a day every American knows and usually cringes when hearing.  This represents the day personal tax returns (without extensions) are due to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Personal tax returns to the dismay of most people are here to stay.  Being that is the case, our goal is to work with you to reduce your tax burden and if possible get you a tax refund, when it comes to tax time.  Of course your withholding, amount of income, and various deductions and credits determine this, but small and important details and understanding the tax code is vital to allow you to take advantage of the tax breaks that are available to you.

We know that there are many do it yourself tax programs (Turbo Tax) available today as well as several franchise style tax preparation services (H&R Block).  Tax returns and the tax code is not easy to understand and it changes every year.  Please do not be pennywise and pound foolish.  In fact many of our clients have come to us after using one of these services only to find out they overpaid on their taxes.

The tax code is ever changing and complex, this is not just our opinion:

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