All Your Important Tax Information at Your Finger Tips

Sign Up For Drop Box via Byck Financial and gain access to ALL of your important tax information 24/7!

Not only will you be able to access your tax returns from all previous years that we filed for you, we will also upload all correspondence with you so you can access it anytime.  You can also upload any information you want us to have.  This is a great tool for mortgage applications or use with your attorney or other financial professionals.

FAQ about our Byck Financial Drop Box:

1- Why we are offering this to our clients? We speak to our clients all the time, We are always interested in learning how to make your life easier!  One of the requests we always get, is for copies of previous tax returns or other financial statements.  With the Drop Box integration you will have access to all your previous tax returns.  Simply sign in via internet to drop box (with your own user id and password) and from their download any and all documents you need.

2- Is Drop Box Secure? This is definitely a valid question.  Internet security is always a concern, fraudsters can now hack into our e-mails, computers and even into our bank accounts, so we definitely know caution is important.That being said, Drop Box is used by several of the largest businesses in the country, all of whom are concerned about security.  Drop Box uses 256 bit encryption, and various other security measures.  To learn more about the various security measures please visit the security resource area for Drop Box here:

3- How Does the Drop Box System Work? If you choose to sign up for Byck Financials Drop Box Integration, you will have your own Drop Box account which you will be able to access anytime.  You will have your own self created user ID and Password.

4- How Do I sign Up? To request a Byck Financial Drop Box Account simply complete the form directly below this.  Make certain you use the e-mail address you want to receive your drop box invitation.  If you already have a Drop Box account, make certain you provide us the e-mail address that you have established with Drop Box.  Once we receive your request, we will add the information necessary to have your drop box account integration ready, you will receive an email from Drop Box notifying you about your account shortly thereafter.

5- Can I upload information to Drop Box? You certainly can.  Make sure you upload the information you want us to receive in the folder that we shared with you.  If it is entered into a different folder we will NOT be bale to access it.  If you want to add files for yourself and do NOT want Byck Financial to see those files please enter them into a different folder other than the one we created for your tax info, as this file will be a shared folder.

6- How does Drop Box Work? To get a better understanding of how drop box works please click the link here for a great video tutorial.  How To Use Drop Box

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