Payroll Services

Company Payroll Services


Byck Financial currently performs payroll services for over 75 companies.  Payroll is often one of the largest expenses a business faces each year.  We pride ourselves on our ability to be very quick to act and extremely flexible unlike the experience you would receive from a large payroll service like Paychex or ADP.

Whether you have 1 employee or 20 employees, whether you pay a salary or hourly and whether your payroll is weekly bi-monthly or monthly, we are happy to handle the service for you.

Our payroll services include:

Direct Deposit for all employees (if requested)

EFTPS for all payroll taxes (IRS electronic payment system)

Paystubs for each employee

State Withholding (if applicable)

Unemployment Tax Filings

Filing of all form 941 (federal payroll tax returns)

State Payroll Tax Returns (if applicable)

All W-2, W-3 and W-4 and W-9 filings

1099 and 1096 filings for Independent Contractors

940 Federal Unemployment Tax Filing

*We also consult and advise our small business clients of an acceptable salary to take under IRS guidelines.

If you have one or more employees and are looking for a more personalized experience with a company who can also advise you on tax matters in addition to processing your payroll we are happy to help.