Business Tax Return Preparation & Filing 

As you are probably painfully aware, just like you as an individual, your business needs to report its income and file a tax return as well.  Businesses are required to file several different types of tax returns on with both the IRS and respective State Taxation authorities in which they operate.  It is not uncommon for a business to have to file five federal tax returns if they have employees, and states will require tax returns for businesses with employees as well (please visit our payroll web page to learn more).  In addition, a business will be required to file one of the following federal income tax returns depending on its businesses structure.

  • Form 1120 -For C Corporations
  • Form 1120 S For Corporations designated as Sub chapter S Corporations

business tax returns

  • Form 1065 for Partnerships of LLC’s with more than one member
  • Schedule C for Sole Proprietorships and One Member LLC’s

These tax returns will be required to be filed in addition to all payroll tax and sales tax returns as well as the corresponding State Income tax returns that are required.

We are proficient in preparing and filing all of these tax returns as well as those for Trusts, Estates and even tax returns for Non Profit entities.

If you have a business and need to file a business tax return, are planning on opening a business and have questions or are looking for someone to review past business tax return filings we are happy to assist you.  Please complete the form on the page and we will be in touch with you immediately.